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The Big Box Co. provides inspirational environments for entrepreneurs and communities to thrive and the tools necessary to make it happen. You see, at the core of it all, we think entrepreneurs are the innovators of society, the rock stars of our generation and the answer to many of the world’s problems. Our intention is to give them a home to achieve exactly that. The spaces we create encapsulate the future of retail and seek to ignite a creative spirit. Constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation, we develop buildings and spaces that encourage collaboration between people, built on the foundation of the collective soul of our Boxpreneurs.

Our purpose is to add value to the lives of entrepreneurs by creating physical brand experiences through our property projects. We are currently connecting these new and unique retail experiences onto a digital online platform and taking our business into the realms of an omni-channel world!

who we are

a bunch of out-of-the-box thinkers

Born out of sunny Durban, South Africa, The Big Box Co. are a progressive team of property developers, entrepreneurs and fresh thinkers who blend big ideas and expertise with the goal of creating a positive change in people and communities across the globe. The challenge is that retail is changing. People are drawn to experiences. To stories. To a sense of connection.

We do this by building eco-systems underpinned by our Boxpreneurs who in turn uplift the communities they exist within. We embrace social innovation and community development by engaging with key players in every neighbourhood and area we invest in. We create spaces with soul and always aim to add value to the lives of entrepreneurs the globe over.

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